I collaborate with luxury and heritage brands to produce creative campaigns, content, and events which resonate with their target customers’ values and aspirations.

With deep experience in the fashion industry, as an illustrator and designer, along with stints in the top marketing and PR firms of New York,  I have touched almost every step of the creative process, from its initial earth source to the shop floor.

I help brands tell their untold, undiscovered, most authentic stories to their customers by honouring their heritage through various artisan skills to create memorable and unique experiences and products. My goal is to educate and inspire brands and customers to invest in pride through trust, loyalty and creativity.

So what is your untold story? Let’s talk about how I can help you share your story.  Check out my services below to learn more.

How We Can Work Together

Creative campaign design, storytelling, and illustration

When the old ways of doing things don’t resonate with the new clients you want to attract, I can help.

Event design, activation, classes + illustration

If you are looking to connect and resonate with your target customer, I can help.

Public Speaking + Event Hosting + Media Personality

When you want a fresh face and modern voice for your brand but also require intelligence and sophistication, I can help.


I am an accomplished fashion illustrator with a sassy and feminine style and available for commissions.

Know what you want? Let’s talk!

For projects, collaborations, press, and other exciting opportunities, please contact me.

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