A confident, natural and experienced public speaker, I have delivered keynote speeches to both large and intimate audiences, hosted, facilitated and taught successful art workshops and classes, and have been interviewed on popular television and radio shows and podcasts.

Engaging, sincere, smart and well rehearsed, I have spoken about the fashion industry and its phenomenal legacy and impact it has on the world, as well as sharing many stories about my own creative practice and experiences, including my own personal journey.

When you want a fresh face and modern voice for your brand but also require intelligence and sophistication, I can help. I work with marketing and event managers to deliver arousing addresses relevant to their audience/s.

What you need the most is to:

  • Build brand loyalty and trust
  • An artist, designer and/or illustrator who has a natural ease and confidence in public speaking
  • Engaging and well prepared content aligned with your brand’s values and vision
  • Experienced and confident presenter
  • A fresh face with a modern, sophisticated voice
  • Well presented, styled and considered physical appearance, appropriate to the event
  • A creative partner to MC panel discussions on creativity, fashion and  design
  • A brand representative
  • Creative talent and facilitator (artist, designer, illustrator)

What you’ll get (deliverables):


In collaboration with the client, I will research, write and deliver verbal content to the audience in attendance.

Creative Visual Stimulants

Based upon the event direction and venue, I will liaise with the brand and design team to create digital presentations, exhibitions of artwork and extend the concept across all communication and marketing platforms if applicable

Events/Brand ambassadorship (may include):
  • live illustration
  • give away
  • hosting events
  • speaking/hosting panel

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