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Due to COVID19 I am offering online classes, workshops and courses. With almost 20 years experience working in the fashion and creative industries, as a designer, illustrator and storyteller for luxury and heritage brands, it’s time to pass on conscious creativity!

Untethered Creativity is a creative mindful drawing and journaling course with a twist!

Back by popular demand, Penelope Bell’s Un-tethered Creativity – Mindful Drawing course is 6 weeks of mindfulness, drawing and creative storytelling. It will help you still an overwhelmed (perhaps even racing) mind and connect you with a community of successful, like minded men and women from all over the world. Designed to free you of your creative blocks, you will learn how to let go of any limiting beliefs you might have towards your artistic abilities. You will be taught the basic fundamentals of drawing through demonstrations and assisted prompts. Learnings about colours, perspective, storytelling and other key aspects of the creative visual arts is also included.

Professional illustrator, Penelope Bell understands the resistance and apprehension you might feel towards the words: drawing, art, mindfulness and creativity. You’re not alone in your feelings – she gets it and at times has felt these too which is why she has created a downloadable course guide and weekly videos to keep you on track, as well as warm up exercises and a few other fun surprises here and there. What Penelope also “gets” is a quiet yearning to create with your hands, a silent longing to FEEL. She has carefully and meticulously designed a 6 week course to fulfill these desires whilst also offering a sense of pride and achievement with the final result. Her classes are light hearted, fun, enjoyable, calming/ peaceful, entertaining, productive and inspiring.

Un-tethered Creativity – Mindful Drawing will improve your drawing ability (or lack thereof), dexterity, attention to detail, memory recall and ability to problem solve. The online weekly classes are held live and streamed through Zoom.

As much a class in learning how to draw, Penelope also leads participants through creative mindfulness by using journaling and drawing as a tool to help process thoughts and curiosities, as well as fulfilling the desire to create. This course is open to adults 18+, of all drawing abilities and is available to you wherever you happen to live in the world.

A fulfilling and calming way to switch off your mind from the noise of the day, the 60 minute long classes also practices mindfulness. From learning and applying some of the basic drawing fundamental techniques, participants are encouraged to observe, compose, draw and render their own individual drawings. At the end of the 6 weeks they will have a sketch pad full of illustrated stories, memories and observations. A sentimental keepsake from what will be a historical moment in time.

Penelope is enthusiastic, approachable and professional. She understands the lifestyle pressures of the elite and her classes serve as a creative outlet to people from all over the world. Whether it be Wall Street, New York or Outback Australia, successful men and women come together to create a community of untethered individuals who love to share stories,

A Little Bit About Penelope…

Raised in the Australian outback, Penelope grew up in a “socially distanced” environment. From her agricultural roots to attending New York fashion week, Penelope has an innate ability to connect, communicate, educate and engage with people from all over world. Penelope has worked as an illustrator with some of the world’s most esteemed and prestigious luxury and heritage brands including Max Mara, Michael Kors, Camilla and Aje.

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