With a diverse skill set that includes illustration, design, writing, and public speaking, as well as experience in marketing, public relations, sales, styling and events, I bring a fresh and unique perspective to heritage and luxury brands looking to position themselves in a rapidly changing marketplace.  

When the old ways of doing things don’t resonate with the new clients you want to attract, but new ways of doing things such as hiring and influencer don’t feel aligned with the heritage nature of your brand, I can help.

I work with brand managers and creative directors to produce creative campaign narratives which translate to artwork, branded product, unique experiences, stories and personalised services.

What you need most is:

  • To build brand loyalty and trust
  • Brand identity and recognition
  • Fresh ideas and content that are aligned with your brand values and vision.
  • Create buzz and a unique experience for your customers
  • A creative partner to help develop new campaign directions, content, and story ideas
  • Creative direction
  • A fresh perspective
  • A brand ambassador (not an influencer)

What you’ll get (deliverables):

Campaign ideation

In collaboration with the client, I will help brainstorm ideas for new campaign directions, product launches, events, marketing campaigns etc.

Creative development and execution

Based upon the chosen direction, I will liaise with the brand and design team to create artwork and extend the concept across all communication and marketing platforms

Events/Brand ambassadorship (may include):
  • live illustration
  • give away
  • hosting events
  • speaking/hosting panel

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