Engaged as the Max Mara Resident Fashion Illustrator for their VIP client styling events, I toured nationally with Max Mara’s Italian team of Stylists as their in-house illustrator, to provide a bespoke and unique in-store gift and experience.

Performing live illustration whilst interacting on a personal level with their clientele to create a fashion portrait keepsake, I was a steward of the brand.

MaxMara Events

I’ve have been working for MaxMara for the past 8 years, and I had the chance to meet beautiful Penelope Bell for multiple events we ran in our stores for our Spring Summer tropical theme and inspiration. Penelope offered her majestic service in illustrating our customers styled in Max Mara. She was able to capture the beauty of every single woman wearing our prestigious garments, making them feel satisfied, amazed and so incredibly happy. Penelope engaged beautifully with all customers, quickly establishing a special trust and generating a great sense of pride from within, with absolute professionalism. The events were very successful thanks to her delicate and exquisite touch of creativity.

Penelope has an incredible understanding of fashion and luxury, she is passionate about what she does and gives it her all. She brings to front and centre the qualities and features of a brand to create something personalised and memorable for their customer. Penelope has incredible creativity and inspirations, accompanied by a wonderful, patient, wise and humble personality. It is such a pleasure working with her and I hope I can repeat it more and more times. She is definitely able to bring an extraordinary added value to MaxMara. Penelope is without a doubt a true and versatile artist.

Floriana Aranzi, MaxMara National Manager

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