Luxury Australian resort brand, ROBE engaged Penelope to create multiple artworks, exclusive to ROBE, for their Cocktails At Sunset Spring Summer Collection. Once the artworks were created, Penelope designed two textile prints for the brand.


Textile Print #1 – The English Rose

ROBE founder, Bec, requested a floral and feminine print featuring the English rose. The print was to evoke a gentle sense of sophisticated romance, femininity and hope. We kept the colour palette to subdued tones of pinks.


Textile Print for Get Robed
Textile design and artwork for luxury brand, Robe


ROBE Textile artwork and design
ROBE Textile artwork and design


Textile Print #2 – Japanese Cherry Blossom

The second artwork and textile print Penelope created and designed for ROBE was largely based on the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree. Penelope used angular, geometric lines found in the branches of the cherry blossom tree to create a type of “lattice” effect. The rigidity of the lines was balanced with the soft, delicate shapes of the blossoms petals, therefore creating a bold yet soft textile print. In keeping to the art brief, Penelope contrasted the cool blue tones with golden oranges and yellows which reflect the colours of Summer, beachside.






Exclusive Artwork and Textile designs for ROBE



About Penelope

I’m a fashion illustrator, designer, storyteller and ambassador who helps brands in the fashion, lifestyle and travel industries, build brand recognition, credibility, loyalty, and trust whilst offering a fresh perspective.

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