Due to the current global COVID19 pandemic, I will be sharing some hints and tips to help you get through. If you find these articles useful, please share them with your friends, family and networks. 


For those of you who aren’t aware, I was raised in outback Queensland, in a “socially distanced” environment. My family’s sheep and cattle property, was 70 kilometres from the closest town so my siblings and I received our primary school education through Distance Education. Home-schooled by my Mum, with only a hand held radio as our mode of communication with our classmates and teachers, I learnt the valuable art of clear communication, creative engagement and the power of community in social isolation.

If you have recently embarked on home-schooling, I salute you! It’s no easy feat which is why I sat down with my Mother, Jane and recorded some videos on the topic. These videos are FREE to watch, incredibly valuable and offer a lot of useful strategies to assist you with your teaching. We discuss a broad range of topics including the importance of implementing a daily routine, expectations, behaviour management, children with learning difficulties, support, independent learning and most importantly, looking after your own mental health.


View “Distance Education – Video #1” here

View “Distance Education – Video #2” here

View “Distance Education – Video #3” here


We hope you find these useful and would love to hear from you if you have implemented any of these into your “new”  normal.

Until the next blog… stay in your magic


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