HI, I’m Penelope!

I’m a fashion illustrator, designer, storyteller and ambassador who helps brands in the fashion, lifestyle and travel industries, build brand recognition, credibility, loyalty, and trust whilst offering a fresh perspective.

Who even are you Penelope Bell?

There are so many stories I could tell you which would sound so impressive, look shiny, feel luxurious and leave you with a thought of ‘wow, THIS girl’!

However, the real me, the joyful, spirited optimist who loves nothing more than a conversation rich in curiosity, wonder and delight, couldn’t bring myself to overindulge.

Instead, what I give to you comes from my big, glittery, red heart (glittery but also authentic and sincere) and scribed, in the same way, I would speak with you if we were to meet at a party, dancing in the street or holding a plank in a pilates class.

“Penelope has an incredible understanding of fashion and luxury, she is passionate about what she does and gives it her all. She brings to front and centre the qualities and features of a brand to create something personalised and memorable for their customer.

Penelope has incredible creativity and inspirations, accompanied by a wonderful, patient, wise and humble personality. It is such a pleasure working with her and I hope I can repeat it more and more times. She is definitely able to bring an extraordinary added value to MaxMara. Penelope is without a doubt a true and versatile artist.”

– Floriana Aranzi, MaxMara National Manager


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