December… Not going to lie, it was a ‘mixed feelings’ month and I seriously considered pressing pause on Consciously Spending Less To Create More. Don’t get me wrong, attending fashion events and working in the fashion industry has provided me with many wonderful opportunities throughout my life. However whether I like it or not, I do feel an ‘expectation’ to look the part. When I don’t feel like I’m putting my best fashion foot forward, I feel unprofessional and a little bit disempowered. Whether I like it or not, I have to acknowledge the feeling because it affects how I see myself – my self image.


One of the great things to happen in December was meeting Faye Delanty who is living life in the slow lane and is a fashion stylist for the Salvation Army Stores. With the first Salvo’s stand alone street boutique opening in the Myer Shopping Centre in December, myself and a bevvy of other influencers lent our bodies to a fashion parade on the opening night. We made national television on channel 9’s Today show, y’all! 


Up close and personal details of some of the styled looks from the Salvo’s opening night fashion parade. Second hand but not second best. Styled by Faye Delanty.


A collection of brooches to personalise an outfit’s style. Styled by Faye Delanty.


For those of you unfamiliar with Faye,I suggest you check her out here. A generous hearted soul with a knack for styling pre-loved clothing into runway worthy style, she is moving some things around in the fashion industry and it’s cool to watch it unfold.


Giving a second life to these two brooches and denim jacket. Styled by Faye Delanty.


A Chanel ribbon created a neck chocker and a old handbag chain shoulder strap, a necklace. Styled by Faye Delanty.


Maybe you hold resistance or judgment towards buying second hand clothes, maybe you’re like me and “get it” but just don’t do it or perhaps it’s never crossed your mind. There were Moschino trousers, Max Mara coats, Collette Dinnigan cardigans, Coach handbags and so many other fashion brands which all had very minimal wear, some even with their original price tags. This experience made me think again and now I say, “Very seriously consider it”. And if that’s not enough to sway you then at least remember to always donate to and support the Salvation Army.


Secondly, remember how Consciously Spending Less To Create More is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge? Well, I ‘worked through’ some ideas and perspectives about CSLTCM throughout December which had been kind of paralysing me. I’ll be writing a blog about it because there is a lot to unpack. (It sounds very dramatic doesn’t it?!)


Thirdly, Christmas is in December and this is the season of giving! Consciously spending less to create more, I chose to sew all of my nieces and nephews Christmas outfits for their gifts. And let me tell you, they weren’t just any old home sewn outfit! Execution and attention to detail – 10/10. 


Fourthly, I spoke about conscious wardrobe and clothes storage solutions with fashion stylist, Anna Mabin and these can be found on my Youtube channel, which you can subscribe to here. We talk about storage bags, how to look after your leather products, travelling with jewellery and lots of other everyday tidbits. It comes highly recommended!


Finally, but certainly not least I mapped out the first 4 months of this project for 2020 and it’s looking exciting. Many things in the pipelines which will all be revealed soon enough. The conscious fashion and life journey is a long term solution. It’s not the easiest project I have embarked on in my life but the confidence, opportunities and purpose it has presented me with, make it well worth the effort. 

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Until next time, stay in your magic!



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I’m a fashion illustrator, designer, storyteller and ambassador who helps brands in the fashion, lifestyle and travel industries, build brand recognition, credibility, loyalty, and trust whilst offering a fresh perspective.

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