This month is all about discovering your wardrobe!


Best case scenario, hire a Stylist to come into your wardrobe. A good Stylist is worth their weight in gold + some!


Worst case scenario, do it yourself. 


In 2017, I engaged my friend, Anna Mabin from Anna Mabin Styling to assist me with my first CSLTCM project and it was one of the most cleansing, clearing and clarifying experiences my wardrobe has had to date. I LOVED IT! (You can read about the experience here. I’ll refer to Anna a lot throughout this project and will bring her in for tips, Q&A’s and guidance so if you’re interested in personal style and are keen to hear what Anna has to say, subscribe here). 


I fell in love with this Megan Park top as soon as I saw it. It goes back with multiple bottoms in my current wardrobe.


To help you get started, I asked Anna for her top 5 tips to cleansing a wardrobe this Spring.


Anna Mabin’s Top 5 Tips To Cleansing A Wardrobe

  1. Get a good understanding of what you’ve got. Organising items by type or colour can help you see what you’ve already got a lot of, and equally what you might be missing.
  2. Try things on, especially if you’re not sure whether to keep them – do you still like it? Is it still flattering?
  3. Take note of accessories you need to buy to make full outfits. For example, have you got trousers you don’t wear because you haven’t got the right shoes to wear with them?
  4. Acknowledge if your shape has changed – due to weight gain or loss, having children or illness – don’t be disheartened by the idea of shopping for a new body shape. It’s a very common situation to be in.
  5. Donate any shoes that cause discomfort – there’s no point holding on to shoes you’ve bought that were slightly too big or slightly too small. Let them go. And then acknowledge the gaps in your shoe collection. Shoes are a great way to transform staple wardrobe pieces in to new and exciting outfits.


Because Anna is a kind and generous sock, she has also very generously created a FREE style resource especially for you and this Consciously Spending Less To Create More project to help assist with the conscious curation of your wardrobe. How blooming nice is that?! Click here to receive your free copy.


An image of my Consciously Spending Less To Create More project
These items were on high rotation throughout my Consciously Spending Less To Create More 12 month fashion challenge


Before starting this project I cleared my wardrobe and consulted Anna on a number of items. Since finishing my 12 month abstinence from clothes shopping in 2018, I haven’t injected many items back into my wardrobe. My strength lies in buying solid “statement” investment type pieces, not basic staple items… Hence why there are still gaps in my clothes which need to be filled and a large portion of these are basics. Yawn!


Below is a list of “gap” items I have identified which I need to buy/ design and make myself:


1 x Blazer

1 x pair of black smart, slim leg black trousers

1 x pair of wide leg pants/ culottes

2 x skirt

2 – 3 x pairs of shorts 

2 x white t-shirts

1 x black t-shirt

2 x statement tees

2 x Summer dresses

1 x twinset

2 x blouse

3 x Sports leggings


Engaging a stylist is one of the most cost effective ways you can enjoy, maximise and utilise your wardrobe. To get through a movement like CSLTCM without falling into a hole of FOMO and YOLO, your wardrobe must be “positioned well” to stand the best possible chance of getting you through the 12 months. The first step in developing a more considered and conscious wardrobe is engaging a professional, personal stylist. Not sure where to start? Find out here.


Until next time, stay in your magic.







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